ARTUR RAMON ART has an experience of over forty years as an expert in art, and his approach is adapted to the reality of the market at all times. We have advised and assessed various public and private collections in our country and elsewhere, and our professionalism and precision are highly valued.


We are aware of current needs and we provide an effective advisory and quick appraisal service for a work of art. Our fees are as follows:

Opinión verbal ………………. 200 €

Informe escrito ……………… 400 €


We also have a documentary crew that specializes in appraisals of entire collections. The fees are established according to the workload it entails the assessment, on a budget. We understand that the work of the appraiser is to introduce independent and fair, accurate and real, the value of each work, regardless of the overall value of the collection. So we never base our fees on a percentage share of the overall collection, but the work involved in its assessment.

For more information contact:

Artur Ramon i Navarro