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Past exhibitions

Artur Ramon Art has a long track record of top-class and quality exhibitions, even though today these do not represent the focal point of its work.

In 1973, Artur Ramon Picas inaugurated the Galería Arturo Ramon with an individual exhibition dedicated to the Parisian period of Joaquim Sunyer. Others followed: Joaquin Torres Garcia and his épocas figurativas, Jaume Mercadé, Marià Pidelaserra. Impressionisme i Puntillisme. Artur Ramon combines them with his personal commitment to the new creations of Catalan art, such as the works of Subirachs , Chancho and Joan Ponç focussed on the institute J.V. Foix or the Record del Saló d’Octubre with works of Guinovart, Ràfols Casamada, Tàpies and Tharrats, and with a nod to the small format sculpture of acclaimed and new artists.

Towards the 80s, the Galería Daedalus was founded, fruit of the collaboration between Artur Ramon Picas and the antique dealer, Manuel Trallero, specialising in the world of antiques. Here exhibitions were mounted such as: Ceràmica catalana (1978); Casagemas i el seu temps (1979); Mobiliari del segle xviii (1979); Plata espanyola des del segle xv al xviii (1979), and Subirachs, obres de 1960 a 1980 (1980).

This innovating commitment to presenting antiques through a gallery was the embryo of the future Sala d’Art Artur Ramon, at Palla 23, aimed at a wider public with almost a teaching vocation. In the world of decorative arts exhibitions in series were presented, namely L’art en transparència: una exposició de vidre antic; Ceràmica catalana; El món de la farmàcia, and other periodic exhibitions including: Ceràmica de l’Alcora, Plata espanyola, Mancerines and L’escudella de ceràmica. Also mounted was an exhibition of curiosities: Tabaqueres xineses, Teixits de l’Àfrica Negra and El viatge a Espanya d’Alexandre de Laborde.

From that point, while still at its headquarters at Calle Palla 10, Artur Ramon Art mounted individual exhibitions of Catalan and international artists: Xavier Nogués, Manolo Hugué, Roig Soler, Nicolau Raurich, Mariá Fortuny, Ramon Pichot, Josep Granyer, Artigas y Cumella, Xavier Gosé y Pere Torné Esquius, Josep Clarà, Pere Daura, Ismael Smith, Josep Obiols, Pasqual Capuz, Josep Simont, Pau Roig, Ramon Rogent, Serge Poliakoff, Henry Moore, Georges Valmier, Esteban Lisa, Baltasar Lobo and Antoni Clavé, to mention but a few.

There have been several exhibitions of engravings: Fortuny, Piranesi, Picasso and Chillida. There have also been surprising collective exhibitions such as Escultor–Gravador o del cisell al burí, Entre París i Barcelona and La Màscara Reial with the advice and assessment of Dr. M. Rosa Vives i Piqué.

Exhibitions and serialised works were mounted with special emphasis on the world of watercolours and drawings: la Raíz del Arte (antique artworks), L’últim xix i el primer xx dibuixen, Nonell, and so forth.

Following on a parallel level the collective exhibitions of Catalan painting: Grans mestres de la pintura en petit format; Pintura d’entreguerres and L’edat d’or de la pintura catalana. Large projects also came together on the second floor: Maiestas Mariae; En el laboratorio de Bayeu; Pinturas del Rococó, 1690–1840: de Luca Giordano a Vicente López; Obras singulars, and so forth, and the decorative arts section includes El mirall; La consola and El bronze daurat, to mention but a few.

Artur Ramon Art is also loyal to contemporary artists: Joan Mora, Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari, Xavier Serra de Rivera, Leticia Feduchi, Anke Blaue, Luisa Granero, Vicente Rojo, Xavier Valls, Pierre Skira, Luis Marsans, Alicia Marsans, Jean-Paul Agosti, Gustavo Pérez and Alfredo Alcaín.

The last exhibition, 9 June - 15 July 2016
Modern and contemporary drawing, 3 - 28 May 2016
Xavier Serra de Rivera, 14 April - 4 June 2016
Enric Pascual Monturiol, 4 February - 30 March 2016
Fortuny, 4 February - 30 March 2016
The celebration of life, 26 November 2015 - 30 January 2016
El Prodigi, 1 October - 26 November 2015
Meifrèn: impressions, 25 June – 26 September 2015
Four centuries of drawing, 29 April – 13 June 2015
The other light. Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari, 12 February – 25 April 2015
Mestres en petit format, 13 November 2014 – 14 February 2015
Memory and desire, 12 November 2014 - 14 March 2015
Baltasar Lobo, October - November 2014
Dominica Sánchez, July - September 2014
#elpaperdel’art, May - July 2014
Subirachs, 8 May - 30 June 2014
La Catalunya del segle XVIII, February - April 2014
Analogies, Autumn 2013
Painted Capricci, November 2012 - January 2013
Piranesi i el seu món, October - November 2012
125 Dibuixos de l’Edat d’Or, June - October 2012
Women painted, September - October 2013
Abstracción latinoamericana, July - September 2012
Andrés Moya, March - April 2012
L’Edat d’Or, October 2011 - January 2012
Leticia Feduchi, January - February 2012
The art of engraving, July - September 2011
Piranesi / Milicua, June - July 2011
Joan Mora, May - June 2011
Nonell, March - April 2011
Pierre Skira, January - February 2011
Serra de Rivera. Painting, April - June 2010
Catalan and Valencian master drawings of 18th and 19th century, January - March 2009
Alfredo Castañeda, November - January 2009
Luis Marsans, November - January 2009
Manolo Hugué, October - November 2009