“Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Finding and transmitting beauty, so aesthetic and intrinsic in works of art, is the mission of Artur Ramon Art, specialisation and internationalisation are the two pillars of its project.

Painting and drawing specialists

Painting and drawing, from antique to contemporary, are the two fields in which Artur Ramon Art primarily works, though not leaving to the side other areas such as furniture, ceramics or decorative arts, when the occasion calls. It seeks unpublished pieces and revives lost identities through the best specialists in each field, whose investigations are published in catalogues. A work done with passion and rigour, dedicated to the best public and private collections in accordance with the history of the house. Artur Ramon Art is a centre of study and management of quality museum-level art while also engaged in advice on appraisals.

Artur Ramon Navarro, specialising in painting and artwork, looks after the international art fairs in particular. His education and deep intuition enable him to study works of art making attributions and managing art consulting.

Mónica Ramon Navarro, expert in modern and contemporary art, interacts most with the public. With her commercial leaning, she looks after the “Art Space” and is available for consultation at

Artur Ramon Picas, mentor and soul of the gallery, has a profound knowledge of Catalan painting and the 16th and 17th centuries. By virtue of his experience and vision of art, he leads and supervises the gallery projects.

International art fairs

The gallery is habitually present at the main international art fairs dedicated to antique and modern artworks. It participates in TEFAF Maastricht, the Salon du Dessin of Paris and the Master Drawings of New York.