To get to know an artist, there is nothing more intimate than to turn to his notebooks, personal diaries on which he or she has worked. As a general rule, artists write little and draw abundantly: a pencil stroke on paper better captures an image than a pen and words.

There are artworks that serve as instantaneous representations of a period, others intended as illustrations to complement text. However, everything is condensed in artwork, the root or the integrity of art, depending on whether we follow the lesson of Michelangelo or Ingres.

Works on Paper

Artur Ramon Art has dedicated special attention to work on paper, with dozens of exhibitions dedicated to this area, exhibiting works that span five centuries, from the 16th to the 21st century.

We have not placed chronological limits or geographic barriers in our search for quality drawings of antique, modern and contemporary periods, whether national or international. It is a solid proposal that Artur Ramon Art dedicates to private and public collectors, including museums like the Prado and the Louvre.

Our position as artwork specialists culminated and was acknowledged with our acceptance in the Salon du Dessin de París (from 2009) and TEFAF Maastricht (from 2010) in the section Works on Paper, the two most prestigious art fair platforms in the world for exhibiting works on paper.

We have been consolidating an international prestige for eight years through the best watercolours and drawings studied by specialists and published in our catalogues.

Male portrait, Antonio Carnicero
Female portrait, Antonio Carnicero
Studies of heads of the apostles, Antonio del Castillo
Study for Face and Hands of Saint Joaquin, Zacarías González Velázquez
Drape study, Anonymous
Historical scene, Niccolò Circignani
Anonymous Flemish, View of the Campo Lateranense in Rome