Old Masters

Old Master drawing represents the focus of search and study of Artur Ramon Art.

The gallery has dedicated major exhibitions to this subject, featuring artists such as Juan de Juanes, Vicente Lopez, Luca Cambiaso, Giandomenico Tiepolo, Jean-Baptiste Regnault, Vicente Carducho, Antonio del Castillo and Francisco Bayeu.

Exhibitions of Old Master Drawing

Between 1993 and 2003 we presented a series of five exhibitions under the title of “Raíz del Arte”, exhibiting antique artwork of immense historical interest and hitherto unknown to the majority. Another project of great interest was the exhibition “El papel del dibujo en España”, presented in association with the Galería Caylus of Madrid.

Study of Old Master Drawing

The study of old master drawing is one of the most complex disciplines in the history of art, requiring the utmost scientific rigour. The study of these works involves an approximation of certain sensitivity, due particularly to the lack of concrete evidence that might sustain the investigations. With its solid research bases (the knowledge of artwork, archive work and the acknowledgement of diverse graphology experts), Artur Ramon Art is positioned among the most renowned experts in the world in this field.

Male portrait, Antonio Carnicero
Female portrait, Antonio Carnicero
Studies of heads of the apostles, Antonio del Castillo
Study for Face and Hands of Saint Joaquin, Zacarías González Velázquez
Drape study, Anonymous
Historical scene, Niccolò Circignani
Anonymous Flemish, View of the Campo Lateranense in Rome