Antiques & Arts

26th September, 2019 - 10th January, 2020

“The past is never gone. It is not even past”

William Faulkner


The first exhibition of the season transforms our art space into an exhibitor for our masterpieces. We present a selection of the best treasures of the gallery, old and modern artworks, paintings, furniture, tapestries and objects that distinguish us as antique dealers.
The paintings of Àlex de Fluvià, a contemporary artist interested in the gestural investigation of the stroke, accompany the antiques. His work is characterized by the combination of a calligraphic brushstroke of Japanese influence with elements such as patterned paper and arabesque. In his paintings, the random, the repetition and the superposition of signs are mixed to produce a universal work, inviting the viewer to look through a pictorial framework to discover hidden messages in the works.