Dominica Sánchez

Painting, drawing and sculpture of the 2000s

27th January, 2022 - 4th March, 2022

In memory of art critic Maria Lluïsa Borràs


The austere and rigorous aesthetic of Dominica Sánchez’s work stems from the collective difficulty of the post-war period and the repression she experienced as a child, between the 1940s and 1950s. The works capture the time of the artist and pour it into the viewer. This exhibition recovers her work from twenty years ago, as a crystallization of the artist’s time and a vindication of painting as life, of the many paths that open between life experience and painting.

When some of these works were presented at the Sant Pol de Mar Museum in 2002, Maria Lluïsa Borràs associated them to a spiritual trend of Catalan painting, introspective and at the same time evocative of nature. It is because of this introspective and spiritual quality that Dominica Sánchez’s painting allows us to exercise our capacity for perception, to question what it would be like the life seen through a painting.

Joan Puigdefàbrega