Spanish Modern Landscapes 

1880 - 1950

11th November, 2021 - 14th January, 2022

The exhibition Spanish Modern Landscapes sees us collaborating once again with Colnaghi (London) and the Sala Parés. Opened at Colnaghi London on March, the exhibition will arrive in Barcelona at the Artur Ramon Art Gallery at the end of the year.

Spanish Modern Landscapes wants to show the evolution of Spanish landscape painting over the twentieth century. Through works of museum quality, the mission is to internationalise and disseminate our visual culture beyond our borders. From the first Romantic travellers to the most recent globalised tourists, travelling to Spain has been synonymous with celebrating life through our landscapes and their people. Artists have concentrated this nature in their landscapes, capturing the explosion of light and colour of the Mediterranean coast as well as the melancholy of sunsets of the interior.
Visiting our exhibition is akin to a mental and emotional tour of our country through its artists. It is an exploration of Spanish modern painting – still little-known outside of our borders – through one of its genres, landscape, which they best represent. And it is also, beyond the usual topics, a revindication of Spanish modern art.