Ludres, a poop angel , 2010-2014 

1 October - 26 November 2015

Ludres, a poop angel , Ervu

Barcelona, 1946
Ludres, a poop angel

Mixed technique on paper
29,5 x 20,5 cm

– Evru –

Formerly known as Zush, Evru is an artist who takes as his starting point a world of his own, a territory of creation that he himself named Evrugo Mental State. Close in spirit to psychedelia and art brut, Evru works as a magus and an alchemist, transcending the apparent simplicity of his representational technique by means of elaborate technological resources. His work springs from a deeply sincere and direct portrayal of the human being in neutral, floating and colourful spaces, enhanced by his individual style of calligraphy.

Pablo Milicua