Pablo Milicua

Osterei, 2004

1 October - 26 November 2015

Osterei, Pablo Milicua

Pablo Milicua
Bilbao, 1960
Assembled objects
48 x 22 x 17 cm

– Pablo Milicua –

My work is based on the construction of new discourses by means of the combination and transmutation of existing elements. This strategy has not only led me to make collage paintings and mosaic, assemblage and accumulation sculptures, but also to mount a series of exhibitions in which I bring together materials of my own and those of others. Notable examples include Mutantes del Paraíso (Sala Amárica, Vitoria, 1998), a neo-Dada freak show of object artists that revolved around the ideas of self-portraiture and installation art, and Museo Efímero de Bilbao (Windsor Kulturgintza, Bilbao, 2011), which explored a cultural landscape of the city where I was born through the contributions of more than 20 artists, including documentary materials and collection pieces.

In that year of 2011, I worked for the first time with Artur Ramon on the exhibition Piranesi–Milicua, in which my collages were juxtaposed with the prints of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. From that came the seed of this project that we are now showing: a dialogue between contemporary art, with visionary elements and objects, and historical art, initiated by presenting them together in the eclectic form of a cabinet of curiosities.

Pablo Milicua