Yolanda Tabanera

Pelada grisa, 2015

1 October - 26 November 2015

Pelada grisa, Yolanda Tabanera

Yolanda Tabanera
Madrid, 1965
Pelada grisa
Plaster and astrakhan fur
13 x 13 x 22 cm

– Yolanda Tabanera –

The combination of visionary elements and objects is evident in the work of Yolanda Tabanera. Whereas my creative strategy involves a personalised appropriation of the external reality, Tabanera’s involves the externalisation of the inner world. The externalised organism becomes an ornament. The image and the object acquire a magical and liturgical dimension. The item of jewellery and the fetish. A link with the crafts which, in the context of this exhibition, takes an unexpected local turn: the twilight of the Catalan glass industry.

Pablo Milicua