Art exhibitions are one of the focuses of our work as an art gallery in Barcelona, boasting more than three hundred shows in our archive. Every two months Artur Ramon Art offers its public a new art exhibition in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of promoting local collecting but also spreading culture and artistic trends, addressing both an audience of amateurs and connoisseurs.

In our Espai d’Art at Carrer Bailèn 19, a recovered industrial warehouse of more than 200 m2, we carry out bold exhibition projects, encouraging less traditional genres such as ceramics, textile, glass, but also exhibiting those that most characterizes us as an art gallery: painting, drawing, sculpture and decorative arts.

We collaborate with external agents such as museum curators or experts to design our art exhibitions, which are often created with works from the art gallery’s collection, in dialogue with pieces by local or international contemporary artists. Periodically we also carry out art exhibitions dedicated to the twin brothers Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari, whose works we have had exclusively for more than 25 years, as well as the great Josep María Subirachs – author of the Passion Façade of the Sagrada Familia -, whose work we preserve in a space dedicated exclusively to the artist in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

With an innovative gaze, contemporary artists or curators we explore ancient art in search of a new way of explaining the antiquarian trade. Analogies, dialogues, conferences and presentations linked to current art and culture dynamically complement the usual activity of our art gallery in Barcelona. We try to make our projects have a story accessible to the public and we coordinate with the cultural agenda of Catalonia, creating synergies with public institutions and museums.