From the outset, Artur Ramon Art has combined antique dealing  with a special attraction to painting. Our challenge is to concentrate on the quality of the works, without distinguishing between art periods or origin. It is a solid proposal that we dedicate to private and public collectors, including museums like the Prado and the Louvre.

The gallery’s commitment to painting transcends time and space barriers, offering antique, modern and contemporary works, both Catalan and foreign.

With our exhibitions, the fairs and our catalogues, we introduce works to those with a passion for art in order to favour the inclusion of pieces in both private and public collections.

Paul de Vos, Birds
Fernando Llanos, Nursing Madonna
Eugenio Lucas Velázquez, Sunset on a coast of North Africa
Hyacinthe Rigaud, Portrait du chirurgien Alexandre Passerat
Antonio Palomino, Immaculate Conception
Marcantonio Bassetti, Saint Augustine