Contemporary painting has always accompanied and reinforced the work of Artur Ramon Art in the world of art.

For years we have handled figurative painting of Catalan artists, such as Luis Marsans and Alicia Marsans, Xavier Serra de Rivera, Leticia Feduchi, Andrés Moya, Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari, and foreign artists like Anthony Williams.

We have approached abstraction exhibiting Alfredo Alcaín, Anke Blaue and Dominica Sánchez, and international artists like Cesar Paternosto, Alfredo Castañeda, Vicente Rojo and Joseph Heer.

We also have a collection of work by the following artists: Josep Maria Subirachs, Antoni Tápies, Miquel Barceló, Cesar Paternosto and Vicente Rojo.

César Paternosto, Leaks and contrasts
Vicente Rojo, Crater
Antoni Tàpies, Gentlemen II
Antoni Tàpies, Cup
Joseph Heer, P/P
Pierre Skira, Nature morte aux instruments de musique
Antony Williams, Jason