Abstract painting is characterized by the non-representation of reality. In this way, artists express their impressions and feelings through shapes, lines and colors.

Artur Ramon Art has a long-standing interest in contemporary abstract painting, exhibiting, over the years, various Spanish and foreign artists.

We highlight the following artists: Anke Blaue and her formal minimalism; Alfredo Alcaín in his period closest to cubist abstraction; Cesar Paternosto who rediscovers painting as an object; Alfredo Castañeda and fantastic surrealism; Vicente Rojo with matter painting and Josep Heer with essentialism and the exploration of the pictorial space.

Leaks and contrasts, César Paternosto
Displacements VI, César Paternosto
Small crater, Vicente Rojo
Construction of a crater 62, Vicente Rojo
P/P, Josef Heer