Figurative painting, unlike abstract art, consists in the representation of recognizable images of the world around us, sometimes faithful and accurate, sometimes highly distorted.

Artur Ramon Art exhibit contemporary figurative painting by Catalan and foreign artists.

Of note are Josep Santilari and Pere Santilari, maximum representatives of Catalan Hyperrealism; Luis Marsans with his repertoire of Proustian scenes, pianos, libraries, as well as the still lifes of Alicia Marsans. We have worked with Xavier Serra de Rivera and Leticia Feduchi who, each one with their own language, treat in a realistic manner traditional pictorial themes such as nudes and still lifes; with Andrés Moya, author of hyperrealistic landscapes and Anthony Williams with his meticulous figures.

Pierre Skira, Nature morte aux instruments de musique
Antony Williams, Jason