Artur Ramon Art has a holding collection conserving works by artists such as Josep Maria Subirachs, Antoni Tápies, Miquel Barceló, Albert Ràfols Casamada and Joan Hernández Pijuan, among others.

We have dedicated a singular space to Josep Maria Subirachs, one of the most successful and renowned Spanish sculptors internationally, as well as painter, printmaker, scenographer and art critic. We have works by Antoni Tápies, avant-garde reference of Catalan Informalism, known for his abstract style full of symbolism. In addition, we exhibit pieces by the neo-expressionist Miquel Barceló, from his figurative period of the 80`s to the more abstract works. We present paintings by Albert Ràfols Casamada, central figure of Spanish lyrical abstraction, and by Joan Hernández Pijuan, an artist able to reflects the physical space creating artworks that capture the “aura” of the world.

Joan Hernández Pijuan, Green space
Antoni Tàpies, Gentlemen II
Antoni Tàpies, Cup
Miquel Barceló,Soup
Esteban Lisa, Lines and colors