Graphic work

Artur Ramon Art preserves a remarkable collection of graphic works by Josep Maria Subirachs. Known mostly for his facet as a sculptor, he was a multidisciplinary artist who also produced extensively in the field of drawing, painting and graphic work. The themes and motifs of his iconography are recreated with different techniques. “The drawing is the first stage of all plastic artwork , but it is also a specific genre in itself. It is in the drawing where we can see the creator’s intention at its most pure” said the artist. Also his production of graphic works is very abundant and constant throughout his life, especially in the techniques of etching and lithography, while opted for painting only from 2004.

Maze start, Josep Maria Subirachs
The spiral, Josep Maria Subirachs
Josep Maria Subirachs, The dome
Josep Maria Subirachs, The balustrade
Josep Maria Subirachs, Yorick
Josep Maria Subirachs, Oedipus
Josep Maria Subirachs, Siren